MyHealth Eating healthily means living well.
Every day, more and more people are becoming concerned about following a balanced diet based on healthy foods and recipes. But the lifestyle we follow does not help us. Lack of time leads us to fall back on pre-cooked dishes or fast food. Mycook adapts itself to you, even if you have little time or have some allergy or food intolerance. With Mycook, you’ll have tasty, healthy dishes in minutes.
MyCreativity Design, invent and experiments.
You don’t need years of experience with the hobs to be a great cook. Good cooking means having ideas and Mycook helps you with the technique. Whether you’re a real chef or are just starting out, Mycook boosts your skills. Practise with our recipe book and dare to invent and experiment. Learn and innovate, because good cooking means having ideas and Mycook will help you with the rest.
MyFamily Happiness around a table.
A dinner with friends or a lunch with the family is a time to enjoy. But getting the quantities right, choosing a balanced menu and coming up with surprises day in day out isn’t easy, especially when there are small children. These times are for enjoying, and cooking tasty, healthy dishes shouldn’t be a headache. Discover endless ways of looking after your loved ones with Mycook.
MyTime Your time is for enjoying.
Learning to master a recipe, becoming a dab hand in the kitchen or preparing tasty dishes takes time. Mycook simplifies your way of cooking and offers a wide variety of delicious recipes you can use to improve your culinary skills. With Mycook you’ll invest your time in sampling a delicious dish or doing whatever you like best. Because your time is for enjoying.
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