Grind and Powder
Mycook grinds nuts in a few seconds and easily crushes sugar and cereals. Vary the time and speed to give any ingredient the texture you want. Preparing delicious desserts, sauces and toppings is easier, quicker and cleaner.
Knowing how to chop correctly is one of the skills which set experienced cooks apart. With Mycook perfect chopping, even of meat or ice, is at everyone’s fingertips. Prepare a delicious sauce or iced drink with ease.
Shred and Chop
With Mycook cutting up and grinding is more convenient. Vary the time and the different speeds of the food processor to get the texture you want. With Mycook you can easily prepare tasty creams, purées and even fruit juices without making a mess in the kitchen.
Mycook takes care of every detail, from the sauce to the dessert. Never before has it been so easy to prepare mayonnaise or mustard to accompany meat or create your own ice-creams or sorbets. With Mycook you’ll be able to cover your desserts with a tempting chocolate mousseline.
With the mixing paddle, whipping cream or beating egg whites until stiff is easy and fun. Give all your ideas full reign and put the icing on any dinner with a cheerful dessert which will delight the youngest kids, with no need to mess up the kitchen.
Mycook has been devised to save you time in the kitchen. The mixing paddle lets you do other things while the food processor is working. Also, by mixing at high temperatures, you’ll prevent the food from sticking to the recipient during cooking.
Preparing a cream or mixing crepe dough is simple with the Mycook food processor. Use the mixing paddle to stir food without crushing it and simplify the preparation of your dishes.
Mycook can prepare a smoothie in a few minutes. Put the ingredients into the jar, select the speed and time, and in a few minutes you’ll be enjoying a delicious smoothie. Leave it to stand in the freezer and you’ll have a refreshing drink with no need for ice.
It’s possible to have a bakery and prepare sponge cakes, pizza or bread dough at home. Mycook works both hard and soft doughs reproducing the manual movements automatically. Flood your home with the aroma of freshly made bread.
Mycook is able to prepare sautées thanks to its induction technology. With this innovative heating system, you can reach 120º and regulate the temperature more accurately. This is the only way to achieve the authentic flavour of Mediterranean cooking.
Steam Cooking
Steam cooking is one of the healthiest ways there are of preparing food. Mycook makes steam cooking vegetables, seafood or fish practical and convenient. Flavour the water with herbs and spices to give your dishes more taste.
Pasta Cooking
Fancy some black spaghetti with squid and baby eels? Mycook will help you. The water is heated quickly and the spaghetti is cooked in the set time. To prepare the sauce, use the same recipient and you’ll make hardly any mess in your kitchen.
Broth and stock recipes are among those which need the most time. Broths and stocks are very common in our kitchens, whether for preparing a delicious soup or as a dressing. With Mycook making a soup or consommé is faster and cleaner.
The Mycook food processor also incorporates a scale. With the weighing function activated, the weight of each new ingredient will appear in the display. Accurately controlling the quantities and preparing your recipes is simpler and more practical with Mycook.
Mycook has turbo speed for problem-free crushing of harder foods or hot chopping. The movement of the blades is not continuous - it performs different sequences depending on the temperature of the food. With the turbo no recipe will be too tough.

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