1. Find your recipe
An enjoyable time around the table starts with choosing a good dish. Find it from the Mycook recipe book, browse our website or dare to create your own recipes.
2. Prepare and Weigh the ingredients
Before you begin, have all the ingredients you need to hand. Weigh the exact quantities with the scale and cut, chop or mix with Mycook.
3. Set your time program
With Mycook, everything starts with choosing the working time. Follow the instructions, and if you take a chance on improvising, remember that the greater the quantity, the more time you’ll need.
4. Specify the temprature
Mycook works by induction, meaning the temperature control is very accurate. With Mycook you can cook with temperatures up to 120º, ideal for sautées, broths or baking.
5. Set the speed
The speed selector allows you to give your food the texture you would like. Using the mixing paddle you can emulsify, mix, whisk while preventing your food from sticking.
6. Serve and enjoy your HOME-MADE MEAL !
Et voila! Now all there is left to do is to serve your delicious dish and savour it! The best news is no more cleaning pots and pans, the only thing you have used is your Mycook! Bon appetit!
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